It's time to stop being frustrated about your job, working with a firm that stresses you out and pays you peanuts, dealing with no one hiring you for your legal services, depending on family & friends for legal jobs, endlessly waiting to get referrals from past clients and not being able to charge and earn your worth
Learned Friend,

Would you love an easy to implement, proven roadmap to that shows you exactly how to build your law practice online so you can get and work with clients from anywhere in the world?

If your answer is YES

Then, you need to keep reading.

Starting your Digital Law Practice, getting clients and making money online as a lawyer doesn't have to be difficult.

What if you could have a step-by-step roadmap that shows you how to build your private practice online without worrying about spending money that you barely have on a physical office space nobody "accidentally" walks into?

What if you could become a known and trusted legal authority in an area of law that you absolutely love and one that you can easily find clients for online without having to be jack of all trades and master of none?

How about being able to enroll clients from anywhere in the world with ease while charging and earning what you deserve with some freedom and flexibility in work?

Sounds too good to be true?

I get it!


But that's not exactly true!

You don’t have to spend many years practicing with a firm that stresses you out and doesn't value your input.

You don’t need donkey years of practice experience to start your own practice.

You don’t need to be stuck in a firm that doesn’t pay you adequate remuneration just to make ends meet.

You don’t need to rent and spend money furnishing an office people rarely visit or easily walk into, to be a successful lawyer.

You don’t need to be the cheapest lawyer to get clients or the "best lawyer" to attract high paying clients.

You also don’t need to keep depending on your family & friends or past clients to refer your services in order to get clients & grow your practice.

  • Build a law practice you absolutely love without being confined to the 4 walls of a law office.

  • Wake up to inquiries from people from different parts of the world who are willing and ready to pay you online to be their lawyer and help them solve their legal problems.

  • Become known and recognized as a legal expert by not just your clients, but by individuals and corporations from anywhere in the world who are also willing to invite you to speak or train their companies or organizations on your area of expertise.

  • Have a law practice (business) of your own powered by the knowledge, skills and experience you already have as a lawyer and make money consistently.

  • Build the kind of practice you want, the way you want asking for the price you really deserve.

All you need is to POSITION yourself as a legal expert who solves specific legal problem for specific set of people, PACKAGE your legal services into an irresistible offer and ethically PROMOTE your practice by setting up your platforms and creating the right content for an audience willing and ready to hire your services.

How do I know this is possible?

It's because I have done if before for people like you.

I have worked with clients who finished from law school and have only National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) which is equivalent to 1 year practice experience and helped them start their private practice.

I have also worked with clients from both Nigeria and other countries with 2 years and upto 15 years practice experience and helped them start their private practice online.

And you could be one of them and benefit from this goldmine called the "Internet" and "social media"
Don't believe me? Hear them!
kindness Nduba
Founder, @bizreg_ng
I was barely 3 years into practice when I met Chiamaka. I resigned from the firm I worked with because I felt frustrated, stressed out and the pay wasn't worth it. Thankfully, in that process I met Chiamaka. Working with her helped me gain clarity on my Core Practice Area and who my Ideal Client is. This helped me to attract more clients online, build a reputable legal brand, got speaking engagements including partnerships and collaborations both in Nigeria and abroad.
Motolani Oyedeji
Founder, @daniellechambers
I didn't know what to expect when I registered for the program but I definitely got more than I paid for. The program content was rich and I loved the fact that Chiamaka always go out of her way to ensure you're executing your assignments and getting the needed support. Few months after working with her, I got 2 business consulting retainership with two companies and seven additional clients.
Lilian kalu
Founder, @counselaws
I learnt to narrow down my practice and know who my ideal client is. This improved my practice online, enabled me know where to find my Ideal clients and also helped me find them online. I would recommend Digital Law Practice to any lawyer who wants to take advantage of the virtual world but the other great thing about DLP is that what you get far exceeds the monetary value we pay.

A 6-Week Coaching/Training Program to help lawyers build a profitable law practice online and attract paying clients from anywhere in the world.
In This Program,
We utilize my 9-Step signature system that has helped my previous clients start their Digital Law Practice to help you so the same.
This blueprint works...

  • even if you're just starting out and know nothing about building an online business,
  • even if you're not techy and digitally savvy,
  • even if you are an introvert and scared of putting yourself out there,
  • even if you struggle with being consistent at anything,
The program is split into 3 phases to help you get the the best result possible;
In this phase, you will learn how to position yourself as a legal expert even if you're a young lawyer or have few practice experience.

MODULE 1: Identify Your Profitable Core Practice Area

Here, we identify an area of law you can build your practice around online. Making sure it's an area you're passionate about with people online in need of that service.

MODULE 2: Define Your Ideal Paying Client

Here, we clearly define who your potential clients are, how to find them and where.

MODULE 3: Design Your Expert Legal Solution System

Here, we design a solution system that distinguishes you from other lawyers and helps your clients get results.

In this phase, we work on your legal branding and establishing your expertise using compelling content that converts.

MODULE 4: Legal Service Offers

We design 4 different Legal Service Packages you will be offering your clients. Including offers that help you make passive income.

Module 5: Legal Branding Architecture

Here, we build your legal brand ensuring your audience have the right perception about you and what you do, your packaging is intact and your positioning is memorable.

MODULE 6: Establish Your Legal Expertise

We create quality compelling content that speak to your expertise and convert clients for you whether you're actively online or not.

In this phase we set up your Digital Law Office(s) and launch

MODULE 7: Digital Law Offices

We work on the platforms you will be using as your Digital Law Office including website and social media platform.

MODULE 8: Client Attraction System

We design a unique system to help you generate clients consistently.

MODULE 9: Perfect Launch Plan

We create a launch plan to help you announce that you now have a new law firm operating online.

How the Program Works
This not like your regular online program or course where you're left with tons of videos to watch that leave you more confused than you started and paralyzes you from taking action. Here's what you will be getting during our time together;
Training & Worksheet
(Value: N100,000 | $225)
Twice in a week you will get access to video trainings that are very explanatory and easy to consume, alongside a worksheet for implementation. The 6th week, we finalize with all the assignments and wrap up the program.
Coaching & Accountability
(Value: N157,500 | $350)
You get one-on-one coaching calls with me where we review your assignments alongside some tough-love accountability to ensure you do the work so you can get the results you're seeking. This means you will not be left to figure things out on your own.
Tech Support & Tools
(Value: N65,250 | $145)
You will get access to tech tools that will help make your practice journey easier. You also get tutorials to help your implementation.

What you get at the end of this program;
Absolute Clarity
You will have absolute clarity on your Core Practice Area, who your Ideal Paying Clients are and how to find them online.
Expert Legal Solution System
You will develop your own unique system that helps your clients solve their legal problems with your Legal Service Offers clearly defined so you see where your money is coming from and market properly.
Content Bank
Say goodbye to thinking about what to post online and how to post content that drive engagement and get you hired. You will have your content bank comprised of over 100 pieces of content and a 90-Day plan to help you stay consistent.
Digital Law Office(s)
You will have your Digital Law Office(s) a.k.a Virtual Law Firm properly set up and optimized to attract the right kind of audience. You will also get a clear launch plan to help you launch your new business attract your first set of clients.
Audience Growth
You will know how to build your own community of raving fans who fit the profile of your Ideal Paying Client and who are willing to hire you to be their lawyer.

That's not all...You also have other bonuses
Free Tech Tools
(Value: N65,250 | $145)
You will be provided with tech tools such as; Apps and Software to make your digital law practice journey super easy. These apps will help you be efficient while also helping you to automate some of your processes.
Free Website
(Value: N90,000 | $200)
A website makes you look more professional and positions you as an expert. You get access to a free platform where you can build your website a.k.a Digital Law Office Headquarter for free whether you have a domain name or not.
Insta Law Office Guide + Workbook
(Value: N5000 | $12)
This is my book on the ultimate guide to running your digital law practice on Instagram. The tips shared in this resource can be used across all social media platforms. You can also use it to get started on your Digital Law Practice before completing the program.
More Testimonials from previous clients

Clarity on my Core Practice Area, Ideal Paying Client and Content plan

"Working with Chiamaka gave me so much clarity. I learnt exactly what area of practice to focus on and build my expertise. I also learnt who my Ideal Paying Clients are, where and how to find them. My favourite part was developing my contents for my platform. Aside the lessons, the support from the facilitator and being with other lawyers on the same journey with me made the difference for me.
Felix Mutaki
Founder @thatbusinesslawyer
A Trainer Genuinely Interested in Seeing you Succeed...

"The Bootcamp could not have come at a better time. Prior to my enrollment, I had the impression that I could just create a page on any social media platform and start filling people up with loads of information in all areas of law. But with the training, I figured out that there’s a strategy to it. The Strategy enables one to be unique in both Style and Delivery. Also I was having a hard time putting together a blueprint that will facilitate my service delivery but with the training I have been able to put my blueprint together.
It is one thing to enroll for a training and it is another thing for your Trainer to be genuinely interested in seeing you succeed. Amaka will literally hold you by the hand and see that you get it right. With the efforts she put in the work, I can say she was born for this. The training is Robust and definitely worth far more than the value given. I recommend her training for any serious minded lawyer who wants to leverage on technology to access the pool of clients online. She is sure to equip you with the right digital skills tailored for lawyers.
Maryam Osiri
Founder, @Moalegalsolutions
Your Facilitator
Chiamaka Okoro is a Lawyer and holds a Masters Degree in Law, a Dispute Resolution Specialist and a Digital Law Consultant. She is the founder, Digital Law Practice, the foremost digital law company specialized in helping high performing legal practitioners and law firms leverage the internet and social media to build a profitable law practice. She has used her signature program to train close to 100 lawyers on Digital Law Practice . She believes that the internet is changing the world and lives and lawyers should not be left out.

Everything you're getting
Here is everything you're getting when you register for this program;
The Digital Law Practice Blueprint (Value: N100,000 | $225)
Private & Group Coaching/Accountability (Value: N157,500 | $350)
Free Tech Tools (Value: N65,250 | $145)
Free Website (Value: N90,000 | $200)
#InstaLawOffice Guide + Workbook (Value: N5000 | $12)
Total value of the bootcamp is worth over N417,750 | $932

N128,000 | $350
You're probably wondering,

Chiamaka, if you're offering all these why make it so cheap and affordable?

Here's my answer...

Having worked with so many lawyers using the Digital Law Practice Blueprint most of whom are already getting results with the strategies I taught them, I need more lawyers who would become believers themselves and show other lawyers what's possible should they decide to go online.

I am offering you an opportunity to be one of these lawyers. Make money online using the legal skills you already have!


This is also why this will be the last time this program will be at this price. Each time this program opens, the price goes up significantly.

While this opportunity exists, I want to get as many lawyers as possible through the door, this one last time.


I strongly advice you take this opportunity and of course, it's not open forever since I can only work with a few persons per time. So, once the slots are taken, we close this offer.


Okoro Chiamaka 
Pay in Naira
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the questions we get very often;
What is Digital Law Practice Accelerator For Lawyers?
This is a 6-week program specifically designed to help lawyers build a profitable law practice online.
What if I haven't started my Digital Law Practice yet?
Awesome! This program will help you start right with the right tools and strategy so you can get the best results.
When does the program start?
You can start as soon as you make payment and same is confirmed.
I have a 9-5 job, can I meet up?
Of course you can. The program is designed in such a way that you take the training when you have time. All you need do is ensure you do your assignment and submit on time for feedback. Then, you get a private coaching with me as well.
Where does the program hold?
The program holds online. Details will be sent to you as soon as you register.
What if I'm not techy or digitally savvy?
You are very welcome still. I will literally hold you by the hand and teach you all you need to know as far as the program is concerned.
How sure am I that i would get results and also make my money back?
Well, are you willing to do the work? If yes, then your results will be waiting. Previous participants are proof of what is possible if you do the work. However, I can't make any guarantees since I can't vouch for your commitment.
I have started showing up online just need more guidance, can I register?
Of course you can. Difference is that this time, you will be doing it correctly.
Can I pay by Installment?
We can discuss to know if you qualify for one. Send an email to or Whatsapp message to +2348026445090
Installment Plan is 60% deposit which is N30,000 
I have more questions can I call?
Yes, you can! Send a WhatsApp message to 08026445909 or an email to or send a DM on Instagram @Digitallawpractice, I will personally attend to you.
Got more questions? Send me an email or Whatsapp message via
Results are not typical so we make no guarantees to your earnings. So many factors are responsible for your success. I am committed to providing you with the best resources possible to accelerate your success, but ultimately your success lies in your hands.
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